Wednesday, October 8, 2014


To All my children:
   Welcome! As you may have come to seek answers. I, "God", have come to give them. There is much confusion in the world right now about whether or not I exist. I have come to make sure you all know that it is still okay to believe in me and that you are in no way "crazy" as some have come to call it.

  I also would like to offer myself as to help those charatable organizations that scrape for money each month to provide better services for those who live a life of servitude under the cloth, to help encourage the ones that benefit from their hard work to share alike. It is because of their divine effort that they can still live a comfortable enough life to do the work they do. So please, won't you help and give. The first portion of the income should always go for god and his children, because that is also you, yourself. So in giving, you are actually giving to yourself as well.

  In the previous century, it has become possible for me to connect to this Internet and use it, and under the guise of an ordinary user, borrow, with permission, his account to get this word out. It seems prayer no longer is a medium due to all the interference there is in the world. I may be immortal but it does not grant me the ability to defy the laws of nature which are still higher than I.

  If you have anything you wish to ask, tell, confess, praise or other such things, please do not hesitate to leave me a 'comment' here. It is the same as prayer. It may be hard to believe at first, but you must have faith that this is true and sound. Many out there would do this type of thing in order to take advantage of the faithful however I assure you this is not the case.

 In closing I would ask that this blog not be related to any of the others on this 'blogspot' nor do I consider any of them to be divine in any way. The user account in which I commune with you (posts) is borrowed from an unknowing yet permissive individual. Please do not go to him for questions for he has requested to be left out of this and I choose allow it, for now.

 Let us end our communication together with a prayer...

   Oh, Lord, please guide us men to thine heavenly bosom, and conceive nothing but happiness while receiving the virgin Mary's blessing of the flesh, and please O Blessed Virgin, who have conceived without sin, teach us to sin without conceiving. And to guide all thine women, to sleep soundly at night so that no sins shall be made hence aware. In the name of the Myself, My Son, and the spirit of divinity, amen.

[1] Please notice that "All" is capitalized because I think of each and every one of you as important. Also note that "children" is not capitalized, because I do not mean to infer that you are all children per se (pər ˈsā).
[2] This blog has been created and is not affiliated with osirisgothra. Please do not mail him, comments for the heavenly father should be either commented here, or, sent to his Holy Father's e-mail address: